Small House Christmas

Small House Christmas

In the last 4 years, I've lived in 4 different houses. Not all of them small, but the last two have been rentals. If you know me, you know I only have two conditions for a house. It has to be old. At least built before the 50's. They have the most character. The names on the door frames, the holes not patched. The stories that I can only image. The other condition is a fireplace. It has to have a fireplace. It's the center focus of a room. It's where your people gather and come for warmth. It's also a great starting place for your holiday decorations. 

Decorating for Christmas in a small house can be difficult, but in my opinion, it only makes your house more intimate and cozy. I've got a few tips for how I decorate for the holidays without letting it take over my small space. 

1. Layering - I love layering in all seasons, especially on my coffee table. I like to start with a big basket or tray and add all the things. I got this antique bell recently at a market, and I let it be my inspiration for the whole room because I loved it so much. Take a stack of books and put a candle or ornament on top. Layer different trees for a small space like a sofa table. I love my little "village" on my buffet. I string lights through the houses for a beautiful scene at nighttime. 


2. Tree Collar - Tree skirts are great. They also take up a lot of room. The past two years, I've used a tree collar at the base of my tree. Not only do I love the look, but it saves some floor space! I got mine from the Magnolia Collection at Target this year. 

3. Wall Hangings - I love hanging Christmas on my walls. Paintings, photos and accents are easy to store in the back of a closet up against a wall, but make a big impact in a small room! I got my large tree picture from Hobby Lobby, but these antique paper mâché reindeer are my absolute favorite. The shop owner thought they may have been from a Macy's back in the day. Again.. I love the old. 

4. Accent what you've already got! You don't need to replace those candlesticks.. just add some red candles. No need to move the rocking horse. Just throw a little wreath around his neck. Look around at what you've already got and see how you can make it festive without having to take it out of the room. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't have the storage for all that.  

5. Smart Plugs - Just do it. When I walk in from work everyday, all I have to say is "Alexa, I'm home", and she lights up my house. Now, I've got my tree synced in, so I'm not breaking my back moving my furniture around trying to turn it off and on multiple times a day. Definitely makes being in a small space easier! 

I hope that these tips find you right in the middle of post Thanksgiving decorating and give you some ideas on how to decorate your own unique space. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Over the past few years, it's been harder to love the Holidays. I had big changes happen this time of year, and I'm learning to love it again through the eyes of my 4 year old son. Even though we live in a little house, it only seems to make the lights on the tree that much brighter. 


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